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Certificate Of Registration


Dear Area 8 Pathfinder Leaders, please be aware that the Area imposed deadline for getting your certificate of Registration completed and submitted to your Area Coordinator is February 28th, 2017.  This will involve you obtaining DBS clearance for all your new staff.  Please make every effort to have your forms completed by 28th February 2017.  This is NOT a leap year - there is no Feb 29th this year so don't wait for the 29th to complete your forms :-).

To obtain a certificate of registration, the following must be submitted to the SEC Pathfinder department:

  • Club Registration Form (click here to download)
  • Club Budget as approved by Church Board.
  • Your club's calendar of events for the year
  • CRB Numbers for ALL staff
  • Name of Supporting Elder
  • Certificate of Insurance ( copy to be supllied by the conference )