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Area 8 Coordinator The Pathfinder Area Coordinator is appointed by the SEC Pathfinder Department, with the approval of the SEC Executive, to guide, nurture and support the clubs in the area
Area 8 Parade This was the first ever Area 8 parade. It was held in Lowestoft town centre. The residents were thrilled and wanted to know more about Pathfidnering. Sadly, there is no club in Lowestoft.
Mayor of Lowestoft Area Coordinator between the Mayor of Lowestoft and the Officer in charge of coordinating the events in the town centre to accomodate the pathfinder march
Great Yarmout Investiture service at Great Yarmouth.
Kings Lynn Investiture service at Kings Lynn
Area 8 Camp Building a Bridge across a shallow river. This was in April - the water was COLD!!!

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Thank you for visiting the South Engalnd Conference of Seventh-day Adventist Area 8 Pathfinders website. Whether you are from an SEC Area 8 Pathfinder Club or not, there's lots you can glean from this website.

Most Senior Pathfinder in Area 8
Pathfinders is wonderful training for children and young people.  I started about 65 years ago when I was a girl in a small church in read more


New and Important info
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Here are some of the topics we hope to address on this site in due course:

Funding and Fund Raising
Funding is potentially a very big challenge for all our Area 8 Clubs.  More and more we are seeing the need for going to the council etc. or other external organiziatons for funding.  But how is it done?  Click here for a dedicated page on funding and fund raising.

Camping Equipment
Are you looking for camping gear and equipment?  Are you always looking for equipment because something previously bought was not fit for purpose and broke?  Are you on a budget and want to know the best prices arround?  Click here...

Outdoor Gear
Outdoor wear for hiking is one of those things where you must know what you are buying otherwise it may not be fit for purpose.  Here you will find a collection of tips on what to buy and for what purpose.  We will also endeavour to suggest stores with good prices.  Click here to find more.

Parades in Area 8
Have you been to London and seen big parades being held by Pathfinders but noticed you do not see any such parades in Area 8?  Are you interested in hosting a Parade within Area 8?  Do you know with whom you need to talk.?  Do you understand the leagal requirements?  Can you organize it on your own?  The Southend Pathfinder Club will be lauching a Drum Corps soon so you won't have to go far for music.  Click here for more...