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2016 Curriculum Camp

 SEC Area 8 2016 Curriculum Camp

This year, 2016, we plan to book out an entire Campsite for us alone! The Two Mile Bottom campsite!!!

We will be covering all our outdoor requirements as usual but we will also have time for some fun site acticities on offer.  
This camp is vital for new clubs in particular!  You don't want to miss it!!!
Speak to your leaders now for the registration documents.

So far we expect to see the following numbers:

Basildon           :20
Colchester        :08
Southend          :20
Chelmsford       :15
Grays Serenity  :05
Peterborough    :15
Cambridge        :03
Grays Chestnut :10
Great Yarmouth :??

Total of 96 Pathfinders + Leaders