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SEC Pathfinder 2018 Information Pack

Dear Club Leaders,

All Documents referred to below can be found here

AGM – As you are all aware AGM was cancelled this month due to weather conditions, so we therefore will be rescheduling AGM for early next year. An email will be sent out to all club leaders of the scheduled date early next year. Below are some important information that you would have been told at the AGM

Closure of the Pathfinder Online Store – I am just reminding you all that the Pathfinder Online Store will be closed from the 15th December 2017 – 3rdJanuary 2018 for the Christmas period. So I can just inform you that ALL ORDERS PLACED BEFORE 15TH December 2017 WILL BE PROCESSED and sent out the following week, any orders placed AFTER the 15th December will not be processed until the office reopens in January.

The SEC Office will be closed on the 22nd December so I will still be in the office until that date

Calendar of Events 2018 – Please find attached the Pathfinder calendar of events for 2018 (Click here for Area 8 Upated Calendar of Events)

Club Registration Form – (Area 8 Club register here please) All clubs need to be registered every year with the SEC, so it is important that you ensure that your club is registered for 2018. Club registration is to be done every year, so that we have a up to date database of the important information about your individual clubs. The club registration form requires you to complete a calendar of events for your club, the reason for this is so that we know and have rough understanding of what events and functions you put on as a club and for insurance purposes. If any information completed on your club registration form is to change anytime during the year of 2018 please inform the office. Please find attached the club registration form that will need to be completed in January.

Club Insurance Form – Club insurance is essential in EVERY CLUB, there shouldn’t be A club functioning without club insurance. The children are your responsibility so it is very important that you have the appropriate insurance coverage when being involved in outdoor activities. The Pathfinder Department recommends option 4 when completing the insurance form, the cost of the insurance cover is billed to the church so it will not be your responsibility to pay for the fee. Please find attached the club insurance form

Assessment Training - This training will inform participants of the format and criteria necessary to assess Pathfinder and Adventure before investiture day. It qualifies attendees to assess Clubs in the SEC. This training is open to Master Guides, PLA and APLA. There will be an Assessment Training Day at the Advent Centre on the 21st January 2018, if you are interested in attending please complete the form attached and send it back to me by Monday 15th January 2018. Attached is some information for on how to carry out an assessment day in your club and pre-assessment pro-form that can be used by club leaders.  

BST – Basic Staff Training dates are stated in the calendar of events attached, I have also attached the BST club and individual application forms. If you forget to bring the completed form, we have some on the day to hand out for you to complete at the training.

PBE – PBE 2018 we have 39 teams from the SEC taking part, the Area Testing will be 13th January 2018. All teams MUST pay would the PBE Registration fee (£15) by 12th January to ensure participation. PBE 2018 will be on the books Daniel, Esther and the introductory section in the SDA Commentary on Esther and Daniel, the Pathfinder Department wishes the teams of PBE 2018 all the best and as we are winners in God’s eye.  

MIT – Please see above the MIT Application forms and an equipment list that I had attached to the form. The fee for the MIT Course 2018 is £175, I will like to bring to your attention the payment dates (see the application form) that needs to be met allowing you to pay the fee in instalments. The equipment list is not exhaustive but should help you focus on buying and estimating the true cost of the training. This has been put together by Carolyn Daniel Coordinator for the MIT Course as last year people were saying these were hidden costs that they weren't aware of before they signed up to the programme.

PLP – Attached is a Powerpoint file for details of the PLP programme for 2018. Significant things to pay attention to:
Choose a mentor by 1st April 2018;
Portfolio will be electronic - website details to be sent in the next week to register your interest and complete your registration form;
3 training dates: Orientation day (choice of 2); Seminar Residential Weekend; and Outdoor Education camping weekend; Support days;
Total cost is £195.00 - fully payable online before the Orientation day.

Master Guide Winter Camp
Scheduled for 22nd to 25th February 2018
Venue to be confirmed
Completion of Honours - Winter Camping and Heredity
Cost - circa £45

TLT – Attached you will find all the documents you need for you and your Pathfinders to register for the Team Leadership Programme in the new Year.  Please take some time to read through each document, discuss with your Pathfinders whether or not they are interested in joining this four year program, to ascertain their long term commitment.  Once a decision is made the forms are to be completed and return to the SEC Pathfinder Department, no later than the 18th of January 2018.  

The Residential training weekend will commence on Friday 18th February to 20th February 2018. Start and end time to be TBC. 
The venue is:  Kingswood, Grosvenor Hall, Kennington, Ashford, TN25 4AJ

The cost excluding travel for the weekend is a subsidised fee of £50 per person. Please be advised that you will have to make your own travel arrangement to and from the venue.

All Documents referred to above can be found here

We are looking forward to welcoming you on board
Thank You
Vanessa Dawson
Secretary | Pathfinder Department | Prison Ministries Department | AMR (Advent Muslim Relation) Department